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CADD SCHOOL provides the international certification for pro/E(Creo Elements/Pro)
Code Project Title Year Download Abstract
MEP30 V Net Fence Weaving Machine 2017-2018
MEP31 Valve Regrinding Machine 2017-2018
MEP32 Wall Following Robot 2017-2018
MEP33 Wind Energy Vehicle 2017-2018
MEP34 Wire Rope Elevator 2017-2018
MEP35 Yarn Breakage Monitor 2017-2018
MEP4 Cutting Rewinding Machine 2017-2018
MEP5 Design and Fabrication of Domestic Refrigeration Unit 2017-2018
MEP6 Design Of An Auto-Tilting Car 2017-2018
MEP7 Dynamic Speed Governor 2017-2018
MEP8 Electro Magnetic Clutch 2017-2018
MEP9 Film Roll Cutter 2017-2018
MHP1 Air Defense Gun 2017-2018
MHP10 Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter 2017-2018
MHP11 Single Cylinder Doubleacting Pump 2017-2018
MHP12 Vacuum Braking System 2017-2018
MHP2 Air Driven Engine 2017-2018
MHP3 Air Engine 2017-2018
MHP4 Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension 2017-2018
MHP5 Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker 2017-2018
MHP6 Mileage Projector 2017-2018
MHP7 Pneumafil Controller 2017-2018
MHP8 Pneumatic Chapathi Machine 2017-2018
MHP9 Pneumatic Forging Machine 2017-2018

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