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CADD SCHOOL provides the international certification for pro/E(Creo Elements/Pro)
Code Project Title Year Download Abstract
EA1 An analysis of network-based control system using controller area network_can protocol 2017-2018
EA10 Voice and touch control home automation 2017-2018
EA2 Evaluation of a radio signal as a time reference beacon for wireless sensor networks 2017-2018
EA3 Identification and control of a laboratory-scale prototype for crushing copper 2017-2018
EA4 Internet access talented self rechargable smart mobile robot design 2017-2018
EA5 Low cost arduino wifi bluetooth integrated path following robotic vehicle with wireless gui remote control 2017-2018
EA6 Real time multitasking in arduino using look-up table 2017-2018
EA7 Secure management of low power fitness trackers 2017-2018
EA8 Smart lighting: developing a smarter control mechanism for park trail lighting 2017-2018
EA9 Smart metering for low voltage electrical distribution system using arduino due 2017-2018
EC1 A vision-based teleoperation method for a robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom 2017-2018
EC10 Downlink performance of optical attocell networks 2017-2018
EC11 Fuzzy logic based dynamic handover scheme for indoor li-fi and rf hybrid network 2017-2018
EC2 Designing of cleaning robot 2017-2018
EC3 Development of the mobile robot with a robot arm 2017-2018
EC4 Exoskeleton robots for upper-limb rehabilitation 2017-2018
EC5 Gesture control of drone using a motion controller 2017-2018
EC6 Identify the deterioration in pipe by using wheel operated robot 2017-2018
EC7 Innovation in underwater robots: biologically inspired swimming snake robots 2017-2018
EC8 Analysis of area data rate with shadowing effects in li-fi and rf hybrid network 2017-2018
EC9 Application of li-fi technology in the transmission of the sound at the base of the pwm 2017-2018
EE1 A multichannel medium access control protocol for vehicular power line communication systems 2017-2018
EE2 Controller area network assisted grid synchronization of a microgrid with renewable energy sources and storage 2017-2018
EE3 Distribution line fault detection & gsm module based fault signaling system 2017-2018
EE4 Multi-way relaying for cooperative indoor power line communications 2017-2018

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