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CADD SCHOOL provides the international certification for pro/E(Creo Elements/Pro)
Code Project Title Year Download Abstract
MENG5 Radial Piston Engine 2017-2018
MENG6 Sterling Engine 2017-2018
MEP1 All Terrain Vehicle Versatile Mobile Platform 2017-2018
MEP10 Hydraulic Escalator 2017-2018
MEP11 Intelligent Reverse Braking System 2017-2018
MEP12 Light Following Robot 2017-2018
MEP13 Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking 2017-2018
MEP14 LPG-Refrigerator 2017-2018
MEP15 Multi Agri Cutter 2017-2018
MEP16 Paint Mixer Machine 2017-2018
MEP17 Pedaling Dress Washing Machine 2017-2018
MEP18 Plate Freezer 2017-2018
MEP19 Robotic Trolley For Material Handling 2017-2018
MEP2 Coconut Dehusking Machine 2017-2018
MEP20 Self Excited Vibratory Drilling 2017-2018
MEP21 Solar Cooler 2017-2018
MEP22 Speed Vehicle Sensing 2017-2018
MEP23 Stair Climbing Robot 2017-2018
MEP24 Steam Power Plant 2017-2018
MEP25 Traction Control System 2017-2018
MEP26 Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig 2017-2018
MEP27 Two Wheeler with Propeller Shaft 2017-2018
MEP28 Tyre Coupling 2017-2018
MEP29 Unified Wheel Opener 2017-2018
MEP3 Composite Parabolic Leaf Spring 2017-2018

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